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Hog Salad Bait Molds



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The Gilley 4.8" - this bait concept was to mimics the unique swimming action and broad profile of a bluegill. Very similar to the Gilley 3.8" but one inch longer,  a little wider, and a little thicker.  The Gills/Ribbing is from the head to the tail giving it a natural look with very supple gills which causes fish to hold on longer once they bite so you have more time to set the hook.  This bait displaces a tremendous amount of water for its size and creates a life like swimming action.   The longer body and tail really has a lot of action in the water!

Gilley 4.8" Individual Sprues offer extra way for laminations. 

This creature bait was rigged weightless on an EWG hook, but it is also a versatile bait that can be used on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, Drop shots, and as a Jig trailer. 

This bait looks amazing on a Jig!!!!

Peeling the Gilley 4.8" just like the Gilley 3.8" from the mold is very satisfying!

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