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Hog Salad Bait Molds



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New Brush Reaper 5" Bait Mold

Elevate your fishing game with our New Brush Reaper 5" Bait Mold. Crafted with precision and designed for avid anglers, this bait mold allows you to create high-quality, lifelike lures that attract the catch of the day. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, the Brush Reaper mold ensures that every cast counts.

Key Features:

·      Realistic Bait Design: The 5" Brush Reaper mold captures intricate details, producing baits that mimic the natural movement and appearance. The two small flapper arms off the body create a subtle added movement to the bait, enticing more strikes. The ribs in the body offer increased water displacement, enhancing the bait's presence as it moves through the water. Additionally, the light tail provides maximum movement whether you are swimming it through the water or jigging it with a Texas or Carolina Rig.

·      High-Quality Material: Made from USA-made 6061-T6 Aluminum, this mold ensures durability and consistent performance. The heat-resistant properties ensure longevity of the mold, allowing you to produce countless baits without wear.

·      Easy to Use: The user-friendly design allows for easy injections and demolding, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced lure makers.

·      Versatile Application: Ideal for creating a variety of soft plastic baits suitable for different fishing environments and target species.

·      Customization: Compatible with various plastic types and colorants, allowing you to customize your lures to match local forage and fishing conditions.

Why Choose the Brush Reaper 5" Bait Mold?

The New Brush Reaper 5" Bait Mold stands out for its exceptional detail and reliability. Unique Bait Design that is much different than other “Brush” style baits on the market.  Each mold is engineered to deliver precise, repeatable results, so you can produce consistent, high-performing baits every time. The Brush Reaper's lifelike action and appearance will help you lure in the big ones.

Don't forget about the Brush Reaper 5" Tail Mold!

The Brush Reaper 5" Tail Mold offers not only the tail but also the Arm Flappers on the side of the Brush Reaper Body.  This is a 2 for 1 type of mold allowing you to customize your Brush Reaper 5" to the maximum!  The options that you could make your Brush Reaper 5" is really up to your imagination of the countless possibilities.



·         Mold Types

                     ·         Full Bait Mold (4 & 2 Cavity)

                     ·         Tail/Arm Mold (4 Cavity)

·         Length: Brush Reaper Bait Hangs 5” Long

·         Recommended Plastisol: Bait Plastics

·         242 Medium/Low Odor/Ultra Clear

·         142 Super Soft/Low Odor/Ultra Clear

                   ·       Recommended Plastisol Temperature: 300-325 Deg. F

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